A Quick Recap of Years Past

Unifinished game #435, summer of 2015.

I’m writing this a couple of days after the one year anniversary of Bouncy Basketball (released 4/3/2015), my by far most successful game to date. Granted, I’ve only ever worked on three projects that were decent enough to even pursue past the stage of prototyping, but I’m still surprised at seeing how much better people seem to think this one game is compared to the other two I’ve made. It’s not that I feel as if they’re all equally good, I just think they’re all… well, kind of bad.

It all started several years ago when I found out about game development and how easily accessible to the public that it was being made. As is the case with many other game developers, I was drawn to the idea of combining many of my interests: programming, art, animation, music and writing.

Fast-forward to 2013 and I had gotten familiar with much of what it meant to be a game developer and I felt as if I were ready to commit to what later turned out to become my full-time profession. By the end of 2014 I had released two small games that, in spite of being far from the kind of games I would have liked to create, I was somewhat proud of. Later the following year, I released Bouncy Basketball which as of this post has seen millions of downloads despite never being featured on any app store or website.

Bouncy Basketball, after the slam dunk update.

Then, towards the end of last year came the start of a seemingly never-ending period of terrible lack of creativity and motivation. After months of attempting to implement a real-time multiplayer mode in Bouncy Basketball, I simply gave up. It just wasn’t working the way I had hoped, even though in retrospect I must admit that I came awfully close.

So this brings us to the day of this post being written. I finally uploaded a website with a blog that I will be using to more openly communicate what I’m doing and what I plan on doing. So if you’re interested in game development, or in any of my games, I definitely recommend you sticking around and registering to leave comments. Also make sure to follow me on Twitter as that is where I am most active.


  1. Ben Lemke

    I can see how hard it is to make online on Bouncy Basketball. I understand the difficulty as well. But, just keep on making amazing games and updates, Anders! Thanks for the amazing games!

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