Announcing “Flames of Deceron”

A simple strategy game called Flames of Deceron is the latest project I’m working on. It’s set in the same world as Blades of Deceron and will be a prequel to the events of that game.

You’ll be able to play the campaigns of the four major factions: The Holy Empire of Azivnia, The Kingdom of Braryrian, The Kingdom of Elukhis, and The Clans of Valthir.

Completing levels will earn you gold that allows you to unlock and recruit new units as well as special cards that can be used during battles to give your army an advantage over the enemy.

Watch the "Making of" Video!

The game isn’t done yet, but I would appreciate any critique and/or suggestions you may have. Leave a comment in the video below!

In between updates for the BoD (Blades of Deceron) beta, I’ll be doing short bursts of development on smaller side projects such as this.

Next I’m making a tiny “competitive” gladiator game for members of my upcoming Patreon/YouTube Membership as well as for active members of our Discord community, so stay tuned for more news on that.

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