Blades of Deceron Beta (Android)

That’s right, everyone! The Blades of Deceron Beta is finally here.

Join the Beta (Android)

The game is still in early stages, and there are bound to be bugs as well as uncooked features and mechanics. So just keep in mind that many things are far from done. Still, don’t shy away from flooding the Discord server with suggestions and general feedback.

What’s in the beta version?

Right now, there’s only one game mode available: Quick Fight. That’s because I want to perfect the combat mechanics before moving on to other aspects of the game.

With that said, there’s still a lot to do in terms of customizing your character (with over 300 pieces of equipment and more to come), trying out different weapon types, and seeing sneak peeks of the kind of environments the game will feature. An editor is coming in a future update where you can create your very own environments to play in.

Don't know what Blades of Deceron is?

Check out the following YouTube video for more information. It’s the first in a series of devlogs that I’m making on this game.

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