The World

Wow, this valley is so fertile, I came here and I said "Wow, this valley is so fertile!"

For years on end, war ravaged the fertile region of Sanguinvale, leaving it weakened and scarred. But now, a truce has been struck by the four rival factions. The land is in shambles, with bandits and deserters pillaging the countryside in search of loot. Though the immediate threat of battle has subsided, tensions remain high, and the faintest spark could reignite the flames of war once again.

Major Factions

Kingdom of Braryrian

The Kingdom of Braryrian is a powerful realm ruled by a Queen from a recent dynasty. Its capital, the city of Braryrian, is located at the mouth of a mighty river that runs through a rich and fertile land. While known for its skilled blacksmiths, metal workers, and agriculture, the Kingdom’s aggressive policies have caused tensions with its neighbors.

Holy Empire of Azivnia

The Holy Empire of Azivnia is a theocratic state ruled by the Holy Emperor, believed to be the vessel of the deity Azivnia’s soul. The Empire is governed by The Cult, a powerful religious organization that controls all aspects of society. The majority of its citizens face a hard life, with the exception of the wealthy elites who enjoy the luxuries of life.

Clans of Valthir

The Clans of Valthir are a confederation of outcasts and exiles who have made their home in the vast and inhospitable Forest of Valthir. They rely on hunting and gathering for their sustenance, and are fiercely protective of their land. However, as they grow stronger, there are whispers of expansion beyond the borders of their forest home.

Kingdom of Elukhis

The Kingdom of Elukhis is a land of endless sand, where the harsh desert sun beats down upon the heads of the unwary. But within the shifting dunes lie hidden secrets, guarded by a proud and learned people who revere the god Alsalthara, who became so consumed by the act of creation that it merged with the planet itself.

Minor Factions

Raven's Crows

Raven’s Crows is a notorious bandit group that operates out of a forest located at the base of the mountains of Dera Drachys in Sanguinvale. The group, headed by a figure known only as Raven, has gained infamy for terrorizing locals and preying upon unsuspecting travelers who cross their path. Their menacing presence has struck fear into the hearts of many, making them a formidable threat in the region.


Hornhaven is a small community of hornoofs living in the south-eastern forests of Sanguinvale.