It’s Almost Harvesting Season!

The early access release for Android is almost here! I’m happy to announce that sometime this summer, hopefully in June, I’ll release an early access version of Blades of Deceron, containing the campaign mode. Watch the devlog! For more information, check out the video below!

Blades of Deceron 0.0.2 Update

The 0.0.2 beta update for Blades of Deceron has now been published! Here’s what’s new: Kick (a push back attack) Button controls Unarmed fighting Dual wielding There’s still tons of work left to do, but I’m hoping that for summer/autumn, I’ll be able to have an early access version ready for both Android and iOS. […]

Gladiatrons & Patreon Launch!

I’ve launched a gladiator manager game for patrons and YouTube members (as well as old and active members of the Discord server). Are You Not Entertained? Join the Discord server to know more, or check out the “making of” video below.

Announcing “Flames of Deceron”

A simple strategy game called Flames of Deceron is the latest project I’m working on. It’s set in the same world as Blades of Deceron and will be a prequel to the events of that game. You’ll be able to play the campaigns of the four major factions: The Holy Empire of Azivnia, The Kingdom […]

Blades of Deceron Beta (Android)

That’s right, everyone! The Blades of Deceron Beta is finally here. Join the Beta (Android) The game is still in early stages, and there are bound to be bugs as well as uncooked features and mechanics. So just keep in mind that many things are far from done. Still, don’t shy away from flooding the […]

New Merch Store!

Gladihoppers Turns Five! The five year anniversary of Gladihoppers is coming up and I’ve decided to take this opportunity to open up a merch store. So if you’re in the mood to buy some overpriced Gladihoppers merchandise then you’ve come to the right place! Visit the Merch Store I will most likely release some new […]